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Cut a dash on your Costa del Sol break with these key fashion items

Cut a dash on your Costa del Sol break with these key fashion items

With its abundant sun, easy access that it provides to the sea, and miles of sandy beaches, the Costa del Sol is certainly a constant magnet for tourists – both those who are seasoned visitors to this part of the world, and people who might have never previously ventured to southern Spain. 

Indeed, the Costa del Sol is a particularly must-experience destination for sun worshippers. The summer months see tourists flock to the region in their millions – more than five million, in fact, for the summer of 2022. 

However, all of this means that ensuring you have the right outfit – or several – will be a key part of your preparations, alongside getting those Sotogrande, Fuengirola, or Marbella golf transfers booked with a reputable firm like Simply Shuttles. 

So, what fashion items do you need to pack if you are to make the most of your next summer trip to the Costa del Sol? Read on to discover the essentials. 

  1. Stylish swimwear

One of the most important items in any Costa del Sol visitor’s case should be a set of comfortable swimwear – and this will look different for everyone. 

Whether you want to soak up the sun in a cute two-piece or hit the surf in an adorable one-piece, having swimwear that is comfortable and practical will ensure you can make the most of the region’s sparkling seas, or even just the pool at your chosen hotel. 

  1. Comfortable footwear 

The Costa del Sol is largely known for its beaches, but there is also a wealth of history to explore. So, you should make sure you have the shoes that will stand up to whatever punishment certain rugged and uneven terrain might throw up during your break here. 

If you plan to do lots of walking and exploring, make sure you opt for closed-in footwear to ensure greater protection. And remember that while heels may look great, for a significant proportion of your break here, they are likely to be far from comfortable, so ought to be reserved for certain more glamorous and less “challenging” settings. 

  1. A killer airport-to-accommodation outfit 

Flying is an activity that prioritises comfort, but you may want to change into something a little more stylish when you reach your destination. 

Whether you are taking a private transfer – such as one of our Puerto Banús, Torremolinos, or Marbella golf transfers – or a group shuttle, you might take a moment to throw on a cute dress and sandals, or a pair of shorts and a thin shirt, so that you can reach your accommodation in style. 

  1. A bag for all occasions 

The final essential is a sturdy bag to cover all occasions. Be sure to select a model that can take you from beach to bar in serious style, while still having the space and strength to store all your beachside essentials. 

Are you ready for your Costa del Sol trip? 

Having all the fashion basics – and a few more stylish items – will help ensure you get your Costa del Sol holiday off to the best possible start. 

Another step to achieving that, will be booking whatever private transfers you might need for your time in southern Spain. So, to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to call the Simply Shuttles team on +34 951 279 117 today.