Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

We are proud to boast the finest fleet of cars, people carriers, minibuses and microbuses on the Costa del Sol. Our range of vehicles have been carefully selected to fit many the demands of travellers to this beautiful area of southern Spain.

Modern and comfortable, our vehicles are the heart and soul of our business. We take the most stringent measures to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standards. Our commitment to cleaning and maintenance is paramount to bring you the best possible service.

Vehicles for all occasions; whether you require a range of luxury vehicles for wedding, a Costa del Sol golf transfer, a simple restaurant transfer or a sightseeing day trip or tour across Andalucia, we are here to help provide you with the perfect solution.

Mercedes E Class Saloon
Mercedes V Class MPV
Mercedes Executive Minibus
Mercedes Executive Microbus
Ford Minibus (Short)
Ford Minibus (Long)

Mercedes E Class

Deluxe vehicle - 3 passengers

The epitome of executive comfort and refinement. The classic black exterior with privacy glass and sumptuous leather interior make this car the perfect option for those who want to travel in style.

This is a very popular vehicle choice for business executives and discerning couples visiting the Costa del Sol or touring around Andalucía.

Vehicle Features
  • Stylish black interior
  • Climate controlled
  • Privacy glass
  • Wifi / Bluetooth
Mercedes Car
Mercedes e Class
Internal E Class
Mercedes Fleet
E Class

Mercedes V Class

Deluxe Vehicle - 7 passengers

Offering Mercedes quality combined with space and optimal practicality, our fleet of Mercedes V Class come with a black exterior, chrome trim and privacy glass. Inside you will find the finest leather upholstery and walnut finish.

The spacious seating layout and generous storage area for luggage make travel comfortable and effortless. For small groups or couples with extra luggage requirements, there is no finer vehicle.

Vehicle Features
  • Stylish black interior
  • Climate controlled
  • Privacy glass in rear
  • Double sliding doors
External shot of Mercedes V Class
Simply Shuttles Mercedes V Class
V class fleet
Simply Shuttles Bus
Inside of Mercedes V Class

Mercedes Executive Minibus

Deluxe vehicle - 10 passengers

The Mercedes Executive Minibus is a one of a kind vehicle that caters specifically to small groups wishing for spacious travel in full comfort.

It is a very popular vehicle for weddings and sightseeing day trips, as well as other discretional services. Its short wheelbase makes it a very versatile vehicle when negotiating narrow Spanish country roads or heavy city traffic.

Vehicle Features
  • Climate controlled
  • Reclining leather seats
  • Wifi, DVD & USB ports
  • Fridge for refreshments
  • Privacy glass
  • Microphone for tour guides
  • Curtains for additional privacy
  • Trailer for additional luggage
Mercedes minibus vehicle
Minibus with door open
Simply Shuttles Vehicle
Internal shot of Minibus
Simply shuttles Minibus and trailer

Mercedes Executive Microbus

Deluxe vehicle - 22 passengers

Our Mercedes Deluxe Microbuses feature customised specifications and offer the best blend of comfort and practicality you will find. Their ability to travel fully laden whilst maintaining excellent ride quality is simply sublime.

Wedding parties, corporate event groups and passengers with longer distance day trips benefit greatly from the smoothness of these vehicles.

Vehicle Features
  • Climate controlled
  • Customised leather seats
  • Wifi, DVD, USB & fridge
  • Privacy glass
Malaga airport transfers - for holidays, golf, weddings, or corporate events
External shot of Minibus 2
Inside of Executive Minibus
Mercedes Minibus with luggage trailer
Mercedes minibus

Ford Minibus (Short Wheelbase)

Premium vehicle

The new edition Ford Transit truly is a versatile vehicle. The sleek modern design sets it apart from its predecessor and the same applies to the ergonomic interior in which the emphasis is on passenger comfort.

These vehicles are an integral part of our fleet and perfect for small groups or people with irregular luggage requirements.

Vehicle Features
  • Maximum of 11 passengers
  • Air conditioned
  • Reclining seats with armrests
  • Wifi
  • Privacy glass
  • Trailer for additional luggage
Simply Shuttles Transfer bus external
Simply Shuttles Minibus
Simply Shuttles Transfer bus
Inside of Simply Shuttles Minibus
Boot of Minibus

Ford Minibus – Long

Premium vehilce

Our Ford Transit Long Wheelbase vehicles are adaptable to cater for a wide array of client requirements. The seating layout is very spacious and the carrying capacity is excellent due to a supporting trailer.

Golf groups, wedding parties, sightseeing trips and activity groups with unusual sets of equipment are just some of the passengers to whom this model is ideally suited.

Vehicle Features
  • Maximum of 17 passengers
  • Air conditioned
  • Reclining seats with armrests
  • Wifi
  • Privacy glass
  • Trailer for additional luggage
Simply Shuttles minibus
Simply Shuttles minibus and trailer
Simply Shuttles minibus and luggage trailer
Simply Shuttles minibus and luggage trailer

Luggage requirements

All of our vehicles are ideally equipped to carry one suitcase plus one piece of hand baggage per passenger.
In cases where your luggage requirements exceed this we must be advised at the time of booking and in cases of excess an additional charge may apply.

Additional Luggage Requirements

We do not charge for carriage of golf clubs although we must be informed at the time of booking. N.B. Please be aware that we must to be informed if you are traveling with a hard-sided golf bag travel case as in these cases an additional charge may apply.

Bicycles, skis and other sports equipment may carry an additional charge depending on the individual requirements.

Baby & Child seats

It is vital that we provide the correct seating at all times for infants below 135 cms in height.
We have a complete range of quality baby and child seating that is provided with no extra cost. We must be advised in advance of the age and height or weight of the child to ensure that the correct seating is provided

Deluxe vehicle options

All prices and rates are based around our premium vehicles unless otherwise stated. We always provide a vehicle appropriate for the service booked, however should you wish to guarantee a specific vehicle or one of our deluxe options please advise us.