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Fuengirola Comic Con is set to return on 18th and 19th November!

Fuengirola Comic Con is set to return on 18th and 19th November!

Fans of comic books and comic book culture have at least one excellent reason to plan a visit to southern Spain during November. We are, of course, referring to Fuengirola Comic Con, which is once again set to take place in the Costa del Sol town over the weekend of 18th and 19th November. 

Comic cons (or to use the broader term, comic book conventions) have a long history, and it looks like the upcoming event to celebrate the “ninth art” in Fuengirola will not disappoint. 

As reported by SUR in English, various key people from the world of comics will be in attendance at the event – not least Spain’s own Batman cartoonist, Jorge Jiménez. 

What else can attendees expect from the event? 

Different aspects of comic-book artistry will be spotlighted at the gathering, encompassing not only comics themselves, but also the likes of graphic novels, K-pop, animated concerts and shows, and cosplay. The latter term refers to the practice of dressing up to resemble a character from a film, book, or videogame. 

Speaking of cosplay, the opportunity to produce one’s own cosplays in dedicated workshops will be a feature of the event, which is set to take place at the municipal auditorium. Visitors can also look forward to seeing a variety of contests, merchandising and photocall areas, as well as YouTubers. 

According to the news outlet for southern Spain, to coincide with the event, an exclusive Marvel comic has also been produced, with a cover dedicated to Fuengirola Comic Con. 

Although there will be a free-access area at the two-day convention, tickets will still be necessary for the main area. More information can be found at

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Fuengirola, of course, has charms and stimulations that extend well beyond comic cons. So, whether you come to this part of Andalucia in order to immerse yourself in events, fabulous sunshine, captivating heritage sites, fine dining, or even a spot of golfing, you can be sure of greatly enjoying yourself. 

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