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What’s all the fuss about Puerto Banús?

What’s all the fuss about Puerto Banús?

To some of our readers, it may seem a dumbfounding notion that one could possibly have to introduce Puerto Banús. After all, it’s Puerto Banús – no less than one of Europe’s most prestigious and luxurious marinas, the quintessential place on the Costa del Sol to see international celebrities or elites, or to be one of those celebrities or elites. What more could one possibly say? 

Well, as it happens, quite a lot. You see, with Puerto Banús having celebrated its half-century in 2020 – marking 50 years since it was first constructed by local property developer José Banús – the present moment is an excellent time to reflect on and reappreciate why so many of us love this world-famous destination. 

A surviving idyll of old-time glamour 

The disruption and uncertainty brought to our lives by the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of us yearning for the old days – a time when life and popular culture seemed so much simpler, yet also more glamorous and exciting. And today’s Puerto Banús has certainly retained so much of that magic from yesteryear. 

Sure, we’re no longer in the days of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco – both attendees of the lavish opening party in 1970 – or of Sean Connery or Ava Gardner, who were also great admirers of the place over the ensuring years. But Puerto Banús is still a focal point for the finest of fine dining, entertainment, retail, and celeb-spotting, and long may it reign. 

And of course, in the unlikely event that you grow bored of ‘living it up’ here (or, more likely, don’t have the budget to be really extravagant in the first place), you’ve always got the option of simply sitting back and marvelling at the various superyachts and the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys that cruise past them along the quayside. 

Make your visit to Puerto Banús a convenient and practical one! 

With so much to be discovered at and around the marina when you set your sights for Puerto Banús – ranging from prestigious fashion emporiums and enticing high-street stores to irresistible eateries and even landmarks like Salvador Dali’s “Rhinoceros dressed in lace” – it may seem almost uncouth to talk about the practicalities of getting to, and from here. But those practicalities do have to be considered in the real world – even in Puerto Banús! 

And rest assured that Puerto Banús is one of those places that really have to be experienced ‘in the flesh’ in order to be fully appreciated. So, we wouldn’t want you to get delayed or lost as you make your way around this breath-taking and captivating part of the Costa del Sol. 

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