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Visit Córdoba to take in stunning architecture, culture, and so much more

Visit Córdoba to take in stunning architecture, culture, and so much more

When it comes to the attractions and activities that southern Spain has to offer, it is fair to say that this part of Europe offers pleasure after pleasure – to such an extent that the remarkable Andalucian city of Córdoba might almost be overlooked by some travellers. 

Andalucia is a region of Spain that has been an important cultural centre for centuries – and with its rich, multilayered history and population of around 325,000 people today, Córdoba continues to be a focal point in this regard. Unsurprisingly, then, it is a highly rated city-break destination. 

Córdoba has an Islamic heritage – dating back to the Muslim conquests of the eighth century – that has left a lasting impression on its architecture, cuisine, and even its language. Despite the later Christian conquest of the city in 1236, the locality’s Moorish past can still be seen in the many monuments, mosques, and other structures that line its streets. 

All of these ingredients combine to make Córdoba a captivating place to visit for people from around Andalucia, Spain, and the world. But what are some of the other things you should know about the city when you are considering and planning your own visit?

Why might you plan a trip to Córdoba?

This is a stunning historic city and region, with much to explore. Some of the main attractions to add to your itinerary could include:

  • Enchanting historic monuments 

Córdoba is home to some of Spain’s most impressive monuments, including the Great Mosque of Córdoba, which is one of the largest mosques in the world and dates back to 785 AD. The interior of the mosque contains some stunning Islamic art and architecture, and it is a popular tourist attraction – this is definitely one to add to your must-see list. 

  • Cobbled streets 

One of the main reasons this historic city is so appealing to many, is the chance it presents for visitors to get lost in the maze of winding, characterful streets that make up the locality.

  • Flamenco 

Córdoba has been an important centre of flamenco for centuries, and this can be experienced in its many tablaos (flamenco performance venues). Live performances offer a fascinating insight into the traditional culture of Spain, and you will also have the chance to shop for souvenirs such as handmade guitar strings.

  • Food and drink 

The food and drink of Córdoba is heavily influenced by its Moorish heritage, with an array of spices used to create dishes bursting with flavour. Olives, almonds, garlic, and paprika are all common ingredients here, and local dishes such as salmorejo (a cold soup made from tomatoes) are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

  • Plentiful scope for exploration 

There is so much to explore in Córdoba, from its museums and monuments to its vibrant markets. You can also take a stroll along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, and admire some of the city’s more modern attractions, such as the Museo Arqueológico y Etnológico de Córdoba (Archaeological and Ethnological Museum). 

Córdoba is a locality with centuries of history and culture that is sure to fascinate any traveller. So, why not get booking today, and arrange Málaga Airport private hire services with Simply Shuttles, so that you can soon be immersing yourself in this utterly captivating city and broader Andalucia?