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Could winter 2023 be the season you become a ‘digital nomad’ in Andalucia?

Could winter 2023 be the season you become a ‘digital nomad’ in Andalucia?

It’s that time of year again – temperatures are dropping, the daylight hours are becoming shorter, and we’re all wrapping up in thick jumpers. Or are we? 

The truth is, while we are heading towards the European winter, some parts of the continent are more resistant to the chill than others. Consider, for instance, the Costa del Sol region of Spain; even in the December to February period, this area of southern Spain sees average daily maximum temperatures hovering at about 17 degrees C to 18 degrees C

This, combined with today’s deeply interconnected world in which it is perfectly possible to communicate and work with other people despite being geographically located far apart from each other, has presented the opportunity of a new and attractive lifestyle to many individuals: that of the “digital nomad”. 

What is digital nomadism? 

The term “digital nomad” is essentially applied to remote workers who tend to travel to a variety of different locations from which to work. 

Digital nomads do not necessarily stay in one place for long. Instead, they frequently take advantage of the Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops, co-working spaces, and/or public libraries, so that they can work via their smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops almost anywhere they want. 

Indeed, the chance that increasing numbers of people have to become “digital nomads” has recently been spotlighted by the i newspaper in the UK. 

The news outlet quoted a 28-year-old technology freelancer, Tori Clinton, as saying about her life in Málaga that “everywhere you look, there are people sitting there with laptops. People think you are off not working, but I work better in such a gorgeous environment.” 

So, could the Costa del Sol be the ideal place for you to work from abroad this winter? 

There is certainly evidence that it could be an excellent choice of location! After all, if you like the idea of tapping away on your laptop while surrounded by Mediterranean sun and all the bars, restaurants, and other lifestyle opportunities southern Spain has to offer, you won’t lack for stimulation and inspiration here. 

Or to put it as Ms Clinton did in the i’s article: “There are so many things to do in the evenings. You are not going home at night to watch Coronation Street. There is a better lifestyle.” 

Nor do you necessarily have to worry about paying for a permanent presence in Spain. You could simply choose to spend a week or two here from time to time, making the most of Simply Shuttles’ own Málaga Airport private transfers to whisk you from one Costa del Sol location to the next. 

As much as we do love a UK TV soap from time to time here at Simply Shuttles, that sounds to us like an exceedingly tempting way to spend the part of the year that can be so chilly, dark, and rainy in other areas of the continent, such as the UK and Ireland. 

If, then, you’re enticed by the notion of a spot of digital nomadism on a sunny backdrop during the winter of 2023, why not book your Málaga Airport private transfers online with us today, or give our team a call – on +34 951 279 117 – for more information?