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5 reasons to visit ‘unsung gem’ Estepona sooner rather than later

5 reasons to visit ‘unsung gem’ Estepona sooner rather than later

There are very few parts of Spain – and especially the Costa del Sol – that one could still describe as ‘undiscovered’ in any meaningful way. And of course, much the same can be said of Estepona, which in any case, caters as well to foreign visitors as it does to locals. 

However, it is also true – even now – that Estepona has managed to preserve more of its traditional ‘pueblo blanco’ feel than certain nearby destinations that may attract more column inches and greater visitor numbers. 

So, let’s take a look at just five reasons why Estepona can still claim to be an ‘unsung gem’ compared to neighbours such as Marbella and Fuengirola – and why you should be planning a trip here when you are next in Spain.  

The idyllic Old Town 

Many traditional Spanish towns sport an old quarter to make the typical overseas visitor’s jaw drop and heart sing, and Estepona’s equivalent has to be on a par with the finest. 

This neighbourhood is particularly visually distinguished by the colourful plant pots that are peppered about the facades of the whitewashed dwellings, bringing an even greater vibrancy to this charming quarter. 

Opportunities to golf at all levels 

For a significant proportion of those who enquire to us about our Malaga Airport transfers to Estepona, it is the locality’s offering to golf enthusiasts that particularly draws them here – alongside that ever-reliable Costa del Sol sun and scenery, of course. 

Nor can we exactly blame them, given the wealth of excellent golf courses that the Estepona area serves up – including great nine-hole and 18-hole courses, and Valle Romano, which is designed to European Tour standards. 

Cristo Beach 

You don’t need to feel too guilty if the chance to feel warm sand beneath your feet – and naturally, take a dip in the nearby waters – is pretty much your only reason for planning a trip to Estepona. 

In fact, the 700-metre-long Cristo Beach – or Playa del Cristo – is especially well-suited to families, thanks to its combination of shallow waters, a complete range of equipment and amenities, and small cove setting. The latter helps to protect visitors here from the worst of the wind and waves. 

The Murals Route 

How about we switch things up by mentioning something very different again? Estepona might not be one of the first places to come to mind among those interested in seeking out street art, but the ‘Ruta de los Murales Artisticos’ shows that you don’t need to head to the bigger cities for that. 

As for exactly where all this street art is – and be mindful that, street art being street art, it is liable to change from time to time – the key thing is to look to the neighbourhoods away from the Old Town. Many different subjects and styles are covered by the murals, so we suggest you pick up a map from the tourist office for a guide to their locations if you fear getting lost. 

Delightful seafood restaurants 

Estepona is as underrated for its culinary scene as it is for… more-or-less everything else, and it is certainly not just fish that you can expect to dine on here. 

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the town’s seafood restaurants are excellently priced, while also being perfect places to sample some of the freshest and best-cooked fish you will encounter anywhere in the Mediterranean. 

There you go – just five reasons why, even amid its increasing profile in recent years, Estepona still retains genuine ‘unsung gem’ appeal. And when you take advantage of our own Malaga Airport transfers to Estepona, even getting to and from this ever-charming town can be a convenience and a pleasure.