Sun, sea, and seventies video games: inside the Málaga OXO video game museum

Sun, sea, and seventies video games: inside the Málaga OXO video game museum

When many of us think of the Costa del Sol, the automatic association is often one of sun, sea, and plenty of sangria. However, an innovative new museum is now reinventing this popular region as the home of video game history, too. 

January 2023 saw the OXO video game museum open its doors in Plaza del Siglo, Málaga, and it is fair to say it has introduced a paradise for gaming fans. 

Designed to celebrate iconic creations in video game history, the museum covers four floors and 2,000 square metres. All of that space is packed with a wealth of information about the evolution of the video game industry, taking visitors on a journey from the pioneering software that transformed the fifties, to the latest cutting-edge technology of the 21st century. 

Not just a place to celebrate videogames, but a place to play them, too 

In addition to providing a treasure trove of information, the OXO museum offers plenty of places to play, with an incredible 3D immersive experience, as well as a rooftop restaurant for stunning views of the region, and legendary arcade games which add a retro nostalgia to the whole experience. 

This is a museum that not only celebrates the past, but also encourages visitors to be a part of it, with games available to play from across the decades, in working order.

Why not book your slot to experience OXO for yourself? 

This ingenious venture is the result of a collaboration between private investors and the provincial authority of Andalucia itself. The museum was inaugurated by the president of the Junta de Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, alongside the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, provincial authority president Francisco Salado, and delegate of the Andalucian government in Málaga, Patricia Navarro. 

There are hopes that the museum will help transform both Andalucia and Málaga into must-visit destinations for video game fans, putting Spain firmly on the map in terms of video game development and celebration.

Gaming fans and visitors can purchase pre-booked tickets for an allocated time slot online, and these cost €15 for adults, and €12 for children between the ages of five and 13. Sessions last around 90 minutes, and you can head to the OXO website to book your ticket and take a deep dive into the world of all things video games.

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