“There is no small passion” – Andalucía launches new Easter tourism campaign

“There is no small passion” – Andalucía launches new Easter tourism campaign

Set to the background of the song “Summertime”, and starring Hollywood legend Antonio Banderas, the Junta de Andalucía has announced the region’s newest tourism campaign for Easter 2022. 

With the motto “There is no small passion”, there is nothing more apt for this charming and diverse region. As Easter is a popular season for sightseeing in Andalucía, the campaign serves as a sign that now is a great time to discover the region all over again. 

New campaign set to attract tourists over Easter  

According to the Vice President of the Junta, Juan Marín, the tourism campaign will use “the metaphor of dance and rely on the figure of Sara Baras as an artist of international stature to express the light, joy and passion that define this land”. 

In Marín’s words, Baras uses “beauty, the art, and the passion that it displays”, coupled with other creative mediums for that enchanting Andalucían charm. In the campaign, “music will once again have great relevance, with the version of the song ‘Summertime’ – powerful, cheerful, vital and with an Andalucían personality”. 

The campaign also focuses on promoting Andalucían Holy Week, which begins on 10th April this year, and is an exceedingly important time of year for the locals.  

Holy Week, and the time running up to it, are popular times for sightseeing in Andalucía, as visitors can immerse themselves in the culture while absorbing all the sights and sounds the area has to offer. 

Andalucía remains a highly popular tourist destination 

With the end of the pandemic becoming more and more realised, the economy in Andalucía is well on its way to returning to pre-pandemic level. Projections by Observatorio Económico de Andalucía suggest 5.5% growth in the regional economy in 2022.   

Andalucía’s economic strength in 2022 – and indeed, throughout the pandemic itself – is likely due to the power of the tourism industry in this part of southern Spain, which helped to reduce the adverse impact of lockdown restrictions. 

Now is the perfect time to visit Andalucía and the Costa del Sol 

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