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2022 was another massive year for Torremolinos tourism – so, what makes this part of Andalucia such a visitor magnet?

2022 was another massive year for Torremolinos tourism – so, what makes this part of Andalucia such a visitor magnet?

Here at Simply Shuttles, we know that many of you reading our blog right now will be contemplating your options for an escapist summer getaway. And we can hardly blame you – after all, the first few months of the year can feel bleak in more than a few ways, so you will almost certainly appreciate having something to look forward to.

So, why – of all the potential destinations on the Costa del Sol or even beyond – might you feel especially drawn to Torremolinos? 

One thing is certain: great numbers of people have been attracted to this irresistible part of the Andalucian coast. Data just released by Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) have shown that Torremolinos welcomed over a million visitors during 2022. 

There were some 4,858,729 overnight stays in Torremolinos over the course of the year, these figures indicating that the local tourism sector has enjoyed a roaring recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. 

But what are some of the reasons why people are booking Málaga Airport private transfers like ours, and heading straight to Torremolinos? Below, we’ve picked out a few. 

The reliably Costa del Sol weather 

Yes, yes, we know that Torremolinos is hardly unique in this regard among settlements in southern Spain. However, it is still worth reminding yourself how fabulous conditions are in this part of Andalucia, including a lot of the time during the less “obvious” seasons for tourism. 

Even January – which statistics point to being the coldest month in Torremolinos – still sees average daily highs of a pleasant 17 degrees C. Although of course, the summer here is much like that in any other area of the Costa del Sol, with average daily highs even reaching past 30 degrees C in August. 

To contradict what we said earlier, though, there is at least one especially distinctive factor to consider as far as the Torremolinos weather is concerned: the Mijas mountain range, which is right behind the resort, and helps to shelter both locals and visitors from the wind right through the year. 

The place is super liberal and LGBT-friendly 

One of the trademark aspects of Torremolinos since the 1960s – marking both the time and location of Spain’s first ever gay bar being founded – has been the warm welcome it extends to LGBT visitors from around the globe. 

Torremolinos isn’t merely one of Europe’s most tolerant towns for LGBT tourists – it actively embraces and celebrates such visitors for the people that they are. 

The locality’s LGBT-friendly credentials are shown to particularly impressive effect at the Pride Festival every June, with the event typically encompassing a parade with floats, exhibits, and various activities and food stands. 

But of course, the neighbourhood is also an LGBT-friendly epicentre all year round, with various bars, restaurants, shops, and sources of entertainment that both LGBT and non-LGBT visitors simply have to try. 

There’s always an enthralling event happening in Torremolinos 

We touched on it above, but it’s worth re-emphasising: Torremolinos is a happening part of Spain, even compared to much of the rest of the Costa del Sol. 

With exciting events to have taken place or be planned this year alone including everything from the Rockin’ Race Jamboree retro music festival in early February, to the Sierra de Torremolinos mountain race in March, there is plenty to get seriously excited about even before summer arrives. 

So, Torremolinos: a destination that barely needs the hype. If you’re tempted to discover the locality’s charms and stimulations for yourself, please don’t hesitate to get on the phone to the Simply Shuttles team, on +34 951 279 117, so that we can arrange the Málaga Airport private transfers that will enable you to live the dream.