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It’s official: Málaga Airport saw record numbers of passengers during the first half of 2023

It’s official: Málaga Airport saw record numbers of passengers during the first half of 2023

The reasons to plan a trip to the Costa del Sol are certainly many – ranging from the abundant sun, sea, and sand in this part of the world, right through to world-beating bars, restaurants, and sporting and leisure amenities. 

So, it is rather unsurprising that ever-increasing numbers of travellers appear to be falling in love with this part of southern Spain all over again. 

This much is apparent in the news that more than 10 million passengers used Málaga Airport during the first six months of 2023, which is the first time the airport has ever surpassed that milestone figure in the first half of a year. 

Many more people rush to southern Spain as COVID-19 memories recede 

SUR in English reported that according to data provided by Aena – the organisation that operates the airport – those formidable first-half figures were 9.2% better than the airport’s previous best year. 

The news outlet added that April and May had seen unprecedented numbers of people using the airport, with two million passengers being counted for the first time ever. 

Looking to the remarkable data recorded for the airport in June 2023, meanwhile, Aena pointed out that on 29th June, there were 569 flights, including both departures and arrivals. The previous highest number of daily movements at the airport had been on 4th August 2018, when 564 landings and take-offs had taken place.  

And it was a similar story with regard to the number of passengers recorded on a single day at the airport. The previous highest figure recorded for this metric – 78,544 – had been on 30th July 2017. On Sunday 25th June 2023, however, a whopping 80,939 passengers passed through the airport, and the 2017 record had already been beaten a week earlier on Sunday 18th June, when 79,608 passengers were counted. 

Such strong tallies serve as a demonstration of the airport’s roaring comeback – and by extension, that of the region as a whole – since the COVID-19 pandemic. The data shows that the Costa del Sol is proving its worth as a heavyweight tourist magnet once more. 

It was intriguing, too, to see which international markets were best represented among people travelling to this part of Spain from overseas. Unsurprisingly, the United Kingdom topped the list, with some 2,410,951 travellers in the half-year period, easily beating the likes of Germany (703,698), Holland (635,208), and France (559,553). 

Is now the time for you to discover – or rediscover – the Costa del Sol in the utmost style? 

With its attractions and activities encompassing the most rewarding golfing, succulent cuisine, the chance to see must-not-miss historical sites, and so many more, the Costa del Sol is rightly continuing to be a major draw for visitors from around the world. 

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