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It’s here – Hard Rock Hotel Marbella has finally opened its doors!

It’s here – Hard Rock Hotel Marbella has finally opened its doors!

We wrote about it back in March, and now, the hype has finally turned into reality, with the formal opening of Hard Rock Hotel Marbella having taken place on Thursday 14th July. 

So, has the ‘new’ hotel in Puerto Banús – effectively a revamp of the former H10 Andalucia Plaza – lived up to that hype? In a word: yes. The reviews have already started flooding in, with visitors and guests giving their verdict on the establishment on TripAdvisor hailing the likes of its “great location”, “awesome vibes” and “very friendly” staff. 

So, what’s in it for prospective guests and diners at this stunning hotel? 

While we explained in our March blog post much of the reason for people getting excited about the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, it’s worth underlining now why those taking advantage of our Málaga Airport transfers to Puerto Banús here at Simply Shuttles really ought to consider an overnight stay or dining experience here. 

After all, there are already plenty of other Hard Rock Hotels around the world, and a Hard Rock Hotel is most definitely not ‘just another’ hotel. So, when you turn up at this adults-only 383-room hotel, complete with 64 suites, you can expect the same signature, musically infused aesthetic that you might have become accustomed to from visits or stays at other Hard Rock Hotels. 

Stunning memorabilia from global icons – but also plenty of nods to Spanish culture 

It is important to emphasise that Hard Rock Hotel Marbella is also far from a mere cultural transplant from afar, as shown in part by its contemporary interior designs that also embrace local cultural references encompassing the likes of flamenco and Picasso. The tasteful incorporation into the establishment of local ceramics and the iconic flamenco polka dots will put you in mind of the best in Andalucian style and culture. 

Alongside all of this, though, guests and visitors will also get to set their eyes upon a stunning collection of music memorabilia, featuring both Spanish musical icons and global music legends. If you like the idea of getting to see an acoustic guitar from Elvis Presley, sequinned dresses formerly worn by Lady Gaga, or a satin purple jacket once worn by Prince, yes, it really is all here.  

If you do pay a visit or even book an overnight stay here, you’re sure to love amenities such as the VIP rooftop infinity pool and bar, as well as two restaurants showcasing much of the best cuisine from across the globe. It’s all set on the utterly stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean’s aqua blue waters; yes, you really will be just steps away from the sea. 

There’s so much to see and do in Marbella, so be sure to stay in style 

You do, of course, have the option of staying at just ‘any old’ Marbella hotel while you are in this remarkable part of the world… or you could choose to immerse yourself in a hotel that is equally remarkable. If the latter seems more your style, our team at Simply Shuttles thoroughly recommends Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, which is situated a mere 40 minutes away from Málaga Airport. 

Get on the phone to us now on +34 951 279 117, and we would be delighted to arrange Málaga Airport transfers to Puerto Banús to help make your travelling group’s visit or stay in this area of the Costa del Sol even more rewarding and enchanting.