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5 reasons for visitors to head to the often-overlooked Nueva Andalucia

5 reasons for visitors to head to the often-overlooked Nueva Andalucia

The Costa del Sol area of Spain is not exactly short of legendary locations, the kinds of places that seem powerfully evocative even by the mere mentions of their names: Marbella, Fuengirola, Sotogrande, Puerto Banús… 

…but does Nueva Andalucia also belong in that “roll call”? Here at Simply Shuttles, we reckon that it does – in large part because of its relatively “unshowy” charms compared to many other localities dotted along the “Sun Coast”. 

Indeed, our own Málaga Airport transfers to Nueva Andalucia have long been in considerable demand, which should tell you something about the underrated appeal of this otherwise comparatively quiet residential area. Put it this way: the people who know, know. 

So now, let’s make you one of those people who “know”. Here are five reasons not to look past Nueva Andalucia when you next visit this area of southern Spain. 

It offers low-key charm – but also stimulations 

Likened by many observers as a sort of Andalucian version of Beverly Hills, Nueva Andalucia is a place for the quietly rich and famous, away from the main tourist throng that settles upon other parts of the coast. 

However, it is this very outwardly peaceful vibe that can also cause some people travelling by to overlook that Nueva Andalucia has all the amenities of a town – and an effervescent nightlife. There are some fabulous fine-dining restaurants and late-night bars here, frequented by an affluent crowd. 

It is deservedly known as “Golf Valley” 

A lot of people enquire about our Málaga Airport transfers to Nueva Andalucia due to the area being an excellent point from which to take in no fewer than four nearby golf courses: Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, La Dama de Noche, and Aloha Golf. 

Whether you’re a novice golfer or someone who has been teeing off confidently for years, you will enjoy putting your skills to the test around the locality’s varied courses. 

It’s a very walkable area, presenting some stunning views on foot 

The Costa del Sol is hardly short of breath-takingly picturesque scenery – but do you know the best spots from which to appreciate it all? 

Nueva Andalucia has quite a few of those spots. It helps that, although the area is hilly in its terrain, it is fairly easy to stroll around. So, be sure to have your camera out for views like those that can be enjoyed from the top of the hill near Magna Marbella Café, where you will be able to catch sight of both San Pedro de Alcántara and Puerto Banús. 

It is home to Marbella Arena, which is based in a famous old bullring 

When it comes to multidisciplinary and intercultural spaces on the Costa del Sol, there are few that are as interesting – on quite a few levels – as Marbella Arena. 

Yes, this venue – which has a capacity of 5,300 people, and has hosted concerts for artists such as UB40 – is a magnet for those seeking the best in local entertainment. However, it also has a fascinating history in its former life as a bullring, the mid-1960s building having hosted bullfights right through the year.  

It’s a fine place to shop, too 

The chance to dabble in a bit of retail therapy is something else that you might not have expected to be on offer from Nueva Andalucia. 

As it happens, the bullring also hosts a vast street market where the visitor can help themselves to the likes of ornaments, clothes, decorative items, and electrical goods from the stalls. Further shops can be seen down the road from the bullring at the Centro Plaza, which also offers a choice of restaurants and bars. 

Needless to say, this is a part of the Costa del Sol that has an abundance to offer visitors, even if they are merely ‘stopping by’ on their routes to other, more touristic settlements in the region. To enquire about our great-value Málaga Airport transfers to Nueva Andalucia that could help make such travel so much easier, why not give Simply Shuttles a call today, on +34 951 279 117?