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It’s official: Málaga Airport could be even busier in 2022 than it was before the pandemic!

It’s official: Málaga Airport could be even busier in 2022 than it was before the pandemic!

As the southern Spanish travel hub that is so central to our own services here at Simply Shuttles, Málaga Airport is a facility you’re likely to see us frequently mentioning on our blog. Having said that, there is also something else about the airport that should hearten prospective travellers to the Costa del Sol right now. 

That’s because, according to a recent SUR in English report, airlines have actually been offering a higher number of seats to the region this peak holiday season than was the case in summer 2019, the last peak holiday period before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Encouraging data as the Costa del Sol regains traction after the coronavirus crisis 

The airlines’ ‘peak season’ for these purposes is defined as the period from late March until late October, and the news website said that the 50 companies operating flights to Málaga Airport were making available 16.2 million seats for the summer 2022 peak holiday season. This represents a 3.6% increase on the situation for 2019. 

And it’s a similar story as far as the number of flights is concerned, this being some 92,200 over the course of the summer, counting those both landing and taking off – nearly 2% up on the figure recorded three years ago. 

What impact has the Russian invasion of Ukraine had on Málaga Airport’s prospects? 

Naturally, immense concern continues to surround the situation in Ukraine – above all else, in terms of the unspeakable human suffering continuing to be seen there. But even airlines and other travel-industry players active well away from Ukraine’s borders are having to think carefully about the potential implications of the continuing conflict for them. 

For such organisations, the crisis in Ukraine has brought considerable certainty, although this might not necessarily directly disadvantage the Spanish travel sector. 

The SUR in English report, for instance, cited “some professionals in the tourism sector” as believing that the war might cause some travellers who had originally planned to head to destinations closer to the conflict – such as Estonia, Poland or Croatia – to instead come to the Costa del Sol, on the grounds of its perceived safety. 

Allow us to make your life easier during your visit to Andalucia 

With airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet operating flights to the Costa del Sol this year, it is crucial to be mindful of how, once you actually arrive at Málaga Airport, you will be able to then proceed to your intended destination. 

Our own Málaga Airport private hire services can make this possible; our drivers are highly skilled and experienced in getting around the Costa del Sol, and provide a strongly professional all-round service at a great-value price. 

In short, there really is no reason for you to consider any other provider of Málaga Airport transfers for your next visit here – so why not email or call us today, on +34 951 279 117, for further information?