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Are you packing the most suitable essentials for the Costa del Sol winter sun?

Are you packing the most suitable essentials for the Costa del Sol winter sun?

The coastal area of southern Spain that is known around the globe as the Costa del Sol is highly rated for its jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches, enchanting atmosphere, and abundance of sun and good weather. 

Of course, the temperatures in this part of Andalucia do tend to drop once the summer has passed. However, the Costa del Sol is still a seriously sought-after destination in the last few months of the year, among those who yearn to immerse themselves in some winter sun. 

Indeed, average temperatures here are around 14 degrees C between December and February. So, visitors can still enjoy some much-appreciated warmth, at the same time as getting away from the mundanity of their usual day-to-day lives. 

Part of the secret to success for a winter holiday is smart packing. For this reason, we have put together some top tips to help you achieve the perfect getaway. 

  • A light, comfortable coat

The good news is that there is no need to dig out the “big coat” for a winter trip to this part of the Iberian Peninsula. However, it is smart to pack a lightweight, comfortable trench coat – this will help you in case of wet weather, and keep you at a comfortable temperature even during chillier moments. 

  • Comfortable, closed shoes

Perhaps the biggest thing you need to remember when packing for a trip to the Costa del Sol in the cooler months is a change in footwear. 

While sandals are ideal for the height of summer, the cooler weather of the winter means it is a good idea to switch to a pair of closed shoes. 

So, we would recommend that you opt for comfortable trainers or a stylish pair of boots to ensure you stay cosy and ready for adventure at all times – even if you opt to take advantage of our Málaga Airport private hire services for getting around the region, instead of walking.

  • Thin, long-sleeved shirts

One of the best ways to tackle cooler conditions, without the risk of getting too hot, is to invest in plenty of thin, long-sleeved shirts, in fabrics such as cotton. This will help you regulate your temperature, and keep you comfortable even when the mercury drops a little.

Are you prepared for your own next winter trip to the Costa del Sol? 

If you’re looking for the perfect winter escape, you will probably struggle to choose a better destination than the Costa del Sol. 

And when you also take advantage of our packing tips and excellent-value Málaga Airport private hire services, you can be sure of getting even more out of this picturesque, consistently fun, and ever-stimulating part of the world. Call +34 951 279 117, or email, to find out more about our service and to make your booking.