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Record high number of flight routes coming into Málaga Airport this summer

Record high number of flight routes coming into Málaga Airport this summer

The Spanish municipality of Málaga has long been considered many holidaymakers’ gateway to the Costa del Sol and the wider region of Andalucia. Indeed, Málaga Airport has been welcoming more and more flights, with airlines aiming to capitalise on the area’s growing popularity. 

As reported by SUR in English, airlines have arranged for a record 110,000 flights to travel to and from Málaga Airport during the Costa del Sol’s high season, which is set to run from the last weekend of March through to the end of October. 

A record total of 20 million seats will be up for grabs on these flights, which are 11.4% more numerous than those that took off during the 2023 high season. The seat tally that summer was 18 million — 14.4% more than in the equivalent period of 2019.

A big favourite becoming even more popular

You might be mulling the prospect of making your own visit to the Costa del Sol within the next few months. Maybe you are eager to take a dip in the warm, glistening sea, or some friends will be getting married in or near Málaga and you have been invited to the wedding? 

Whatever your plans, one obvious place for your plane to land would be Málaga, where the airport attracted over 1.4 million passengers in February 2024. The exact figure of 1,416,974 is 26.7% higher than that of over 1,123,000 passengers at the same airport the prior February. 

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A growing number of opportunities to fly to Málaga

The airlines to have recently scheduled more summer flights to Málaga include Ryanair, which is offering 5.3 million seats across 16 aircraft. This Irish airline and the British company easyJet have each announced three new routes to Málaga for the upcoming peak season. 

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