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Just a few of the wine destinations you shouldn’t miss when you’re in and around Ronda

Just a few of the wine destinations you shouldn’t miss when you’re in and around Ronda

What is sightseeing in Ronda truly about? Many admirers of this historically charming Andalucian town might initially cite such widely known attractions as the majestic 18th-century Puente Nuevo, the 13th and 14th-century Baños Arabes (Arab Baths), and the Plaza de Toros bullfighting ring. 

But there’s at least one other thing that Ronda is especially known for among great numbers of discerning travellers; its credentials as a focal point for wine tourism. 

To this day, the area around Ronda is noted for its wineries, vineyards, and bodegas – the latter the term for a wine shop or wine cellar in a Spanish-speaking country. But what are just some of the wine-related attractions you might be advised to check out during your time in or near Ronda? 

We thought we’d pick out a few of the best. 

Bodega Doña Felisa

Founded by José María Losantos and his wife Gema Alonso, Bodega Doña Felisa continues to live up to its reputation as an excellent environment for wine production. 

You will find it in a beautiful setting a 40-minute drive from La Cazalla heading towards Setenil, with the best in guided tours, tasting sessions, and tasting courses all available. Expect delicious red, white, and rosé wines. 

Bodega Joaquín Fernández

Five kilometres north of Ronda, meanwhile, can be found another place that benefits from distinctive conditions as far as the production of wine is concerned. The farm’s approximately 700 metres of altitude, for example, mean it is exposed to slightly extreme weather – consisting of hot days and cool nights – that provokes the character of the grapes. 

Meanwhile, the mineral richness of the soil helps enrich the grape juice, which translates into wine with intense flavour. Overall, this is the place to experience highly structured, complex, and elegant wines, as you will be able to taste on your visit. 

Samsara Wines 

Vineyards in Ronda don’t come much more ‘Ronda’ than the one situated directly in front of the aforementioned Puente Nuevo, by the name of Samsara. 

Samsara Wines isn’t associated with a many-centuries-long family history of winemaking; it is definitely a relative newcomer among Ronda wine destinations in that sense. Nonetheless, the 4.5 hectares of French and Spanish varieties that are organically cultivated here represent an extremely worthy addition to the locality’s wine heritage, even approaching the status of a paradise. 

Bodega Descalzos Viejos

This bodega, too, is hardly underwhelming as far as its location is concerned, being situated in one of the city’s most important historical enclaves. 

The Tajo Convent has undergone considerable restoration to make it an even more impressive epicentre for the bodega’s operations. Meanwhile, the nearby extensive vineyards have long been renowned for the production of red and white wines that you will delight in tasting as part of a pre-arranged small group visit to this stunning facility. 

In the case of all the wine attractions we have featured here, we would – of course – urge you to visit the relevant website of the winery or bodega first, to ensure you are able to visit at the times and on the terms that you would wish. The above may be just a few of the highlights of sightseeing in Ronda, but they are also ones we would not want you to miss!