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Restoration work begins on much-loved Alameda gardens in Marbella

Restoration work begins on much-loved Alameda gardens in Marbella

Sometimes, it’s great for even relatively experienced visitors to Marbella to be reminded that there is a lot more to the Costa del Sol city and municipality than simply sun and seaside – as alluring as those things undoubtedly are in this part of the world. 

We were reminded of that recently ourselves here at Simply Shuttles, by a report from the SUR in English regional news outlet, noting that the council in Marbella has begun refurbishing the widely admired Alameda gardens in the centre of the city. 

What form will the refurbishment take in this popular area of Marbella? 

The news website cited Diego López, Marbella’s councillor for Works and Parks and Gardens, as saying that the project would encompass the cleaning and restoration of the walls, benches, and street furniture, alongside the pruning and replanting of some of the lush vegetation. 

The work, which has the aim of “adding value to a historic corner of the town that dates back to the 18th century,” is expected to continue until Easter. 

The councillor further explained that the work will include the planting of a total of 3,850 shrubs and 50 palm trees, “to continue preserving this lush parkland in the town centre”. 

Four engineers reportedly drew up a technical report prior to work on the gardens beginning, and Head of the Parks and Gardens Technical Unit, Antonio Sarmiento, said this took “into account the idiosyncrasies of a unique garden in which any action has to be researched and measured.” 

According to the study, most of the trees in the park can be maintained without difficulty, or as long as certain measures are adopted, such as shoring up or reducing the number of branches to prevent them from breaking. However, the SUR in English report did say there were three acacias on the site “which are in doubt”. 

As if all that work on the vegetation doesn’t sound comprehensive enough, the article added that the gardens’ two fountains and the ornate tiled benches will also undergo complete restoration. 

What makes the Alameda gardens such a special part of the city? 

As the Marbella councillor referenced above, the Alameda gardens – also sometimes referred to as the Alameda ‘park’ or ‘plaza’ – certainly has a long history, far predating the mid-20th-century package-holiday revolution when the locality came to gain a whole new international audience of admirers. 

To this day, the Alameda gardens continue to be known for the gorgeous views they offer, and the variety of captivating tropical plants that can be enjoyed here. It’s no wonder the photogenic plaza is such a popular meeting place in Marbella, although it also makes an utterly enchanting location in which to simply sit and watch the world go by. 

Speaking of watching, it is near here – on the Avenida del Mar – where you can see an intriguing presentation of art pieces by the celebrated Spanish Surrealist, Salvador Dalí. So, it’s even a place for culture vultures, too. 

Even if the chance to take in the Alameda park is far from the only reason you might wish to visit Marbella this year, it is an attraction you won’t want to miss when taking in the city’s many other charms. And as renowned providers of great-value Málaga Airport transfers to Marbella here at Simply Shuttles, we can help get you there quickly and in comfort. 

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