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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

We have upgraded our safety measures to ensure that our drivers, vehicles, premises, and service, fully comply with government Covid-19 requirements.

Updated 08/07/2020.

Covid-19 Guidelines for Private Hire Transportation

Your safety is our priority

According to the Spanish Government guidelines;

  • Passengers older than 6 years are legally required to use facemask’s whilst inside the vehicle.
  • It is recommended, but not obligatory, for children of less that 6 years to wear facemask’s.
  • Hand sanitiser gel and wipes will be available in all our vehicles for passenger use.
  • No personal contact with the driver.
  • Online payments only. Payment in cash is not permitted.

Driver precautions

Measures implemented by our drivers;

  • Facemasks will be worn by all drivers.
  • Maximum social distancing whenever possible.
  • Drivers are tested for high body tempratures daily.
  • Hand sanitiser frequently used by all drivers.

Enhanced vehicles cleaning

Our vehicles are always spotless but we have added extra precautionary measures;

  • All drivers are equipped with sanitiser wipes and spray to clean interior surfaces before and after each service.
  • The interior of all vehicles will be sanitised and steam cleaneding at the end each shift.

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